Why should I vote?

Politicians make decisions about home care each year. You rely on home care. You can vote for politicians who support home care. If you are a home care patient, home care is important to you and it is important to your aide or nurse.

Who should I vote for?

This is your decision. Our goal is to help you vote. It doesn’t matter who you vote for.

What if I am already registered to vote?

That’s great! If you are already registered, just complete your absentee ballot application and mail it by OCTOBER 16, 2016.

I mailed everything in, now what?

You should receive your absentee ballot soon. This will come in the mail a month or so before the election!

When you get the ballot, fill it out as soon as possible. Write clearly. Choose who you want to vote for. Then, mail the ballot as soon as possible to the Board of Elections. You need to mail it by NOVEMBER 1, 2016.

Where can I get an absentee ballot?

Voter registration forms and absentee ballot applications are available on the Bring The Vote Home NY website. Just click here for more information about the registration and ballot deadlines.